Baby Greens


I'm somewhat out of touch with teen America right now, so I found this article about teens active in the Green party pretty interesting. The writer doesn't try to obscure the fact that many seem to be involved mostly because they think it's cool. For example, Kirk Podell, 15: ?I like psychobilly ?cause not a lot of people are into it. . .It?s the same thing with the Greens.? (Hey, he's 15. What do you expect?)


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  1. Actually, I’d rather see journalists focus on Gore’s sighs. After all, in the 2000 campaign, the sighs were a lot more intelligent than anything Gore had to say.

  2. Trouble is, we have an awful lot of thirty-five year-olds with the same mentality…

  3. Yeah, I was somewhat out of touch with teen America when I was a teen. Anyone remember Jams? Maybe that’s what the Green Party is, the political equivalent of Jams.

  4. Jams? Sure, I remember Jams. Someone had a warehouseful of Bermuda shorts and came up with a brilliant idea: give ’em a cool new name and sell ’em to kids! Is this a great country or what?!?

  5. I agree with Jim Walsh. There are a lot of adults (or should I say, UH-DOLTS) out there who form their political opinions on similar criteria of what’s “cool” or what’s not. An episode of ABC’s show The View comes to mind (I don’t regularly watch this show, I was home sick from work that day, honest). In this episode, the five women (supposedly intelligent professional female journalists) spent a good ten minutes debating whether Bush or Gore was better looking.

  6. Brad, thank goodness our political journalists are not like those women on The View. They focus on important issues such as Gore’s sighs, and whether or not the president’s proposals are “bold.”

  7. Charles,

    Good observation. I think I went through a similar length phase in college. Good precedent would be all the 1960’s liberal hippies who eventually got jobs, had families and produced kids like me. Unfortunately, even though they became part of the establishment, there is still a ‘hangover’ from the Love Generation that informs our politics today. Of course, Libertarianism is one of those hangovers, so it can’t all be bad…

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