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If you're taking this latest wave of reality TV shows?The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Joe Millionaire?seriously, I do believe you're setting yourself up for unnecessary and violent nausea, probably some dizziness too?and are definitely missing their point: love-to-hate entertainment. Nevertheless, I very much like Noy Thrupkaew's wise, wisecracking feminist takedown of Joe Millionaire from The American Prospect:

"It's a bit horrifying, the way many of the women fight to be chosen by someone they don't even know. He's like a prince, they keep whispering, as they try to elbow their way into a fairy tale. Pick me, love me! I haven't seen such strenuous preening since I watched a dog show."

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  1. To anyone bashing the women on Joe Millionaire, I pose the question – isn’t it natural for a woman to select a mate based in part on his ability to provide financial security? True, there is a distinction to be made between simply being able to provide for a family and having a net worth of $50 million. The show is what it is – entertainment, albeit lowbrow. And women’s instincts when it comes to selecting a long-term mate are what they are – generally rational, albeit unfair to those men who don’t have any money.

  2. I think the perfect ending would be if when he finally picks one, it turns out that she’s really a drag queen.

  3. Of course, it’s going to be interesting to see the reaction of the girl he picks when she finds out he’s not worth $50 million – however I’m assuming he’s getting paid by the show some substantial money (especially to be made out as somewhat of a loser) and he’ll probably score some additional cash later on from the publicity. Possibly even a career in acting like some other folks that have done the reality show bit. (As a side note, the guy from Detroit that did ‘survivor’ is using the money he made to open his own restaurant – he was a cook before the show. If it works out, smart move). So I doubt by the time all is said and done he’ll end up poor.

    When the show concludes, if the woman dumps him she’ll look like a real gold digger. However I think any self-respecting woman would probably dump the guy just on the fact that she was lied to, in such a big way. Pretty much the guy’s whole adult life that she knows of is made up, so how well can she really know him? I think the smart move would be to play along, (for ‘true love’) and then dump him later for unspecified ‘irreconcilable differences’ later…

  4. “I think the smart move would be to play along, (for ‘true love’) and then dump him later for unspecified ‘irreconcilable differences’ later…”

    Not to mention the alimony that she could pork up afterwards. Heck, go all the way; pop out a kid so you so you also get the child support.

    What’s that? Have I had some bitter relationships with women? Why yes, how did you know?

  5. I think the comments made by one of the first contestants booted from Joe Millionaire (Dana?) speaks volumes. While she didn’t like being lied to, she would have been devestated to be selected and later find out he wasn’t a millionaire.

    Ah…true love!

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