Kevlar Cops


I only saw the ad on CNN once last night and I have no idea if the book is good, bad, or indifferent, but it struck me odd that many—if not most—of the images used to flog Police Heroes featured cops in full battle-dress. Helmets, body-armor, fully-automatic weapons, the whole kit. Looked like a bunch of special-ops warriors, not your local constables.

Then again, maybe that is how the public wants to see its police officers: Fantastically outfitted to do battle with the forces of evil. Not so much police heroes, but police superheroes.


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  1. Must be produced in LA. To quote the Onion, “Thank goodness I live on the East Coast where the police are still heroes”.

    I live in Philadelphia; even during the 2000 Republican Convention, there wasn’t a feeling or risk of a big police vs. mob riot that LA and Seattle recently have drawn. Good grief, when I see footage of the LAPD in full battle dress, I fear someone will end up in the hospital or dead. When I see Philly’s police, crime is definitely down from the early 90’s, but I only have to fear for the slices at Lorenzo’s or the steaks at Pat’s.

  2. “Not so much police heroes, but police superheroes.”

    Notso much police officers, but jackbooted thugs ready to kick down your door in the middle of night.

  3. Jeff, don’t knock Cap like that, ok?

    I would suggest being careful about clicking on that link. You get to see a nifty Captain America comic book cover, but then you have to fight off all sorts of pop-up windows. Not good. 🙁

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