Guilford County Exposed


The Republican Party of Guilford County, North Carolina, made the national news a few weeks ago, after its webpage linked to a fringe site that says Islam was "invented by savages for savages" and is "one of the greatest evils on our planet." Turns out there's more to the story—and no, it doesn't make the Guilford Republicans look any cleverer.

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3 responses to “Guilford County Exposed

  1. Amen, Brother…

  2. there is a reason why the GOP is called the “stupid party” — but I would still prefer the stupid party over the evil party.

  3. So, some JEZ-us freak Right-wingers used some fringe atheist websites to back up their bigoted claims. Isn’t it ironic…

    …don’t ya think?

    While we on the topic, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and other “atheist” groups of their ilk rub me (a recovering Catholic and Born-Again-Atheist) the wrong way. You can question organized religion and the existence of God AND not be a pompous ass about it. The first step is respecting differing points of view and accepting that reasonable folks can disagree on things–even the nature on the universe.

    However, the hypersensitive kooks who wish the government to erase all vestiges of religion from public life miss the point of what “freedom of religion” and “freedom from religion” is all about. They end up making all of us unbelievers look just as bad as the fundies.

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