Home Again


Hello Reason people! I'm finally back in 70 degree Los Angeles, after two weeks in D.C. My travel experience was EXEMPLARY: quickly through security, no delays, and tailwinds that coasted us into LAX 45 minutes early. My United experience was very good, except for one oddity: A co-pilot with a strange sense of humor. As we started our descent over L.A.'s 100 miles of suburbs, he came on the intercom and said, in a somewhat sinister voice: "It's time to say goodbye." I exchanged a wary glance with my seat mate. Then he continued, "because we're descending into LAX." Sighs of relief all around…

Now, here's an actual piece of news: Daschle isn't running.

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  1. My favorite pilot moment was still when the pilot on an American Airlines flight shortly after 9/11 told us in the pre-flight briefing that “in the event of an emergency, your seat cushion can be used to beat the **** out of the terrorist trying to hi-jack this plane…”

  2. Heh heh. Well I think that pilot is pretty funny. Though United will probably end up getting sued by sleaze claiming he suffered “emotional trauma” or something.

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