Clone Hoax Endgame?


Just as I predicted, it looks like Clonaid is resorting to the privacy gambit to avoid testing baby "Eve's" DNA to prove she's a clone according to the Associated Press.

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  1. Almost literally living proof that there’s one born every minute, eh?

    This article
    mentions a “Crossfire” interview wherein ‘Rael’ was asked whether the birth was a publicity stunt: he replied “I am so sorry, but the sound is so bad. I cannot hear anything.” Yeah.

    Where’s Lt. Uhura when you need her? Sigh.

  2. I admit these Raelians are not trustworthy, but I can understand their reason for not doing the test. The baby is in the USA and if they have the baby tested, the gov’t may take it away. This due to the fact that that idiot lawyer filed a lawsuit. The whole thing is likely a hoax, but maybe, just maybe, they’re telling the truth and are protecting the child and the parent. The most recent clone birth was to have occured Saturday in Sweden, I believe. They won’t have the same excuse this time. So, we’ll see.

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