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TV producers overseas have discovered the secret of beating exported American TV shows. Hint: It lies in attracting viewers. Confused? Here's another hint: "foreign viewers often prefer homegrown shows that better reflect local tastes, cultures and historical events." Still don't get it? Okay: The secret to overcoming the power of exported (and often overpriced) American culture is to compete with it by producing better or more appealing movies, TV shows, and other such artifacts.

Of course, if you can't do that, or if your cultural industries have lost interest in attracting a real audience because they are subsidized, you can always do the next best thing and decry "cultural imperialism."

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  1. Excellent! Thanks for the astute observation. I’m afraid I had started believing the rumors, that we stuff those shows down foreigners’ throats. It’s amazing how ubiquitous this anti-Americanism becomes.

  2. Here is the rub.

    It is niether cheap nor easy to create a “quality” television show, and it requires people of talent to do so.

    This medium is the last American hand made product, and while it does require some nice equipment, the major asset needed is people.

    Anyone can buy equipment. But there are not enough talented, experienced people to create all the media needed to fill the electronic void.

  3. Japan’s a good example of a foreign media overcoming US media. Not only does Japan’s vibrant television and movie industry hold off a lot US programing, Japanese anime are becoming hugely popular in the US, and many cartoons made here are being forced to imitate them to a degree. Even Japanese movies are being remade for the US, such as the recent remake of “The Ring”, originally a Japanese horror movie.

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