A Paradox for the Post-Space Age


They can make a squirrel-proof birdfeeder but they can't catch Osama bin Laden? Go figure.

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  1. Instead of capturing Osama, it made me think about Osama-proofing the world. That would actually make a clever cartoon. Paint the feeder to look like the world and then show how it deflects Osama’s efforts. Would that version come with a money back guarantee?

  2. The people who made a squirrel-proof bird feeder wanted to succeed 🙂

    Lana Erusaelp

  3. I must agree with Ric: squirrels would figure this out in no time. There’s a larger metaphor:

    Maybe you’re 100 times as smart as a squirrel. If it takes you 1 hour to figure out how to make a birdfeeder, maybe it will take 100 hours for the squirrel to crack it.

    But squirrels have nothing to do all day but figure out how to get to that food. That’s all they do.

    Now for the connection to OBL. Maybe US military and law enforcement organizations are smarter than al-Qaeda. Maybe. But terrorists have nothing to do all day but figure out how to attack us. That’s all they do.

  4. What man can invent, squirrel can circumvent. I think the tree rats at my old homestead would have this one figured out inside of a week. After all, a birdfeeder which has dumped its load is not longer really “squirrel proof” wot wot?

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