The World's Most Unpopular Dad


Boy, can you imagine being the child of Patrick Brower, the father who's spearheaded the campaign against a recent switch to a 4-day school week in Granby, Colorado? I hope someone's watching his back on the playground.

Apparently more than a 100 rural school districts in seven states are now on a 4-day schedule to cut costs. They're lengthening each day to make up the time and there's no data yet on what effect this has on the kid's actual education. But Brower is pretty sure it's a bad one: "Why should we give our children the message that Friday is a day to play?" he tells The Washington Post. "Those Fridays you spent skiing aren't going to help much when you're competing in a global market."

Fair enough, but I still love the 17-year-old senior who says she'll "stage a revolution" if the district tries to go back to the longer schedule: "That would really mess with my snowboarding."