Clone Wars Redux


The Republican-dominated 108th Congress will fight again over whether or not to criminalize human cloning. Two wildcards–the new Senate majority leader, Bill Frist, who is a transplant surgeon, may end up in the pro-cloning column because he recognizes the potential value of cloned embyronic stem cells as perfect transplant tissues. Second, several groups including the Raelian UFO cultists are claiming that a cloned baby will soon be born.

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  1. I wouldn’t be too confident in Dr. Frist on this one folks. Even if he himself may see the benefits that biotechnology promises, the ignorant bible-beaters that dominate his party definitely do not. Frist could vote his conscience (assuming that he really supports therapeutic cloning) but he could find himself losing his leadership position at the demand of the GOP’s Jesus-freaks faster than Trent Lott can come up with another bogus apology.

  2. I agree with Mark S. I don’t see any reason for hope that Frist will be ‘pro-cloning’. He’s made his feelings clear on his website: He’s for a ban. The fact that he is now majority leader is a real boon to the anti-cloners. He will make their side appear reasonable and scientific, when in fact their position is based on religious beliefs. I miss Trent Lott already.

  3. Maybe they can clone a new Strom to replace the old one and that would make the Bible thumpers happy.

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