Victoria's Secret Correspondence


Thanks to the invaluable Web site The Smoking Gun, we can all get a sneak peek at the sort of mail the Federal Communications Commission has received in response to CBS's highly rated November 20 broadcast of the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Go here for feedback that includes representative voices from the "pro-thong throng" and "negligee naysayers," including the following (all typos in originals):

"…put one vote in for MORE SKIN!…if you get complaints, remind [complainers] they can change the channel, because this is America, and they can watch whatever they want….Also, if you know the people that regulate beer sales in Massachusetts, tell them that beer on Sundays goes very good with football."


"…As a mother of 4 very impressionable children, I am outraged that you chose to air the Victoria Secret porno show…Why don't you just go the extra baby step and show women giving men oral sex or having sex in many positions. How about women masterbaring, that would be a real marketing success!"