Will Ted Williams Become the First Immortal?


The family feud over baseball slugger Ted William's body has been resolved. He gets to remain a corpsicle, cryonically suspended at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation facility in the hope of one day being revived to play ball again.

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  1. CORPSICLE INDEED, LOL! That is extremely funny, Mr. Bailey! One can imagine a flicker of cognition operating in the deepest recesses of the old man’s brain, still hitting those “frozen rope” line drives on his personal Field of Dreams. Long live Ted — his memory, anyway.

  2. Corpsicle is a fairly standard term for science fiction readers. Several short stories in Larry Niven’s stories of the future deal with corpsicles and their place in society (some of those were later raided for spare organs).

  3. Didn’t really mean to be anonymous with my previous comment about Niven, just forgot to enter info.

  4. Jens, I was afraid I might be commenting in ignorance, as usual. Still, the first time for anything is usually the best, and I did get a nice laugh.

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