DigiT or Don't


Best wishes to DigiT, a new tech magazine with an unpronounceable name, which hits newsstands this week. The magazine, seemingly not meant to be confused with the UK's DIGIT or India's diGit, will be headed by former PC Week editor Fred Davis and staffed by a bunch of jobless tech journalists.

So far, Davis' plan to boldly go where plenty of other magazines have gone before doesn't look like a trailblazer. He wants to do for tech what Maxim did for men's magazines, but DigiT's first issue, reports the Boston Globe, has an interview with Herbie Hancock, an innovative musician who is still best known to the wide, wide world for his Reagan-era scratchings. Articles in the works include stories about how scrawny new mom Sarah Jessica Parker uses "high-tech devices"–a topic that fairly screams out for Anna Nicole Smith. In any case, such stories seem unlikely to move a new tech mag off the shelves in a down economy.

Still, it's encouraging to see signs of life in techno-society Siberia. Thanks to Owen Thomas for the link.

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  1. “He wants to do for tech what Maxim did for men’s magazines”

    What–dumb it down and sex it up to the point of irrelevance? I’ll pass. Therefore, I’m sure it will be tremendously successful.

  2. Wow, now I’ll finnally learn how a bigger hard drive will improve my ability to attract women!

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