World's Tallest Buildings in NYC?


Hooray! Visionary thinking at last. Nine new design prosposals from seven groups for rebuilding the World Trade Center in Manhattan have been unveiled–four of them would construct the world's tallest building on the site. One proposal reaches 2100 feet and another 1776 feet into sky. Such towers would be a fitting memorial for those who died on 9/11.

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  1. I love the idea personally. They knocked them down? Fine, we’ll not only rebuild, we’ll build the tallest building in the world to replace the WTC. That’s just so…American.

  2. Sonny, I don’t usually even think this when dealing with someone with whom I disagree and/or find disagreeable, but I’ll make an exception for you:

    Get over it or find someplace else to live.


  3. Sonny’s so hung up he can’t even use “American” for a US citizen. He probably always says “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” and “She/he” instead of “he”. What a limited, fear-ridden way to live.

  4. If the world’s stallest building were built there, the landlords would have no problem finding tenants to lease space there. A recent report by Torto Wheaton Research, leading economists on the commercial real estate front, shows that tenant demand in high-profile office buildings in Manhattan has been better than the midtown Manhattan market as a whole in 2002.

    in Chicago, occupancy at the Sears Tower is down a bit, but tenants are still heading there.

    In the end, the demand for such space should remain the same. Higher security and property adjustments seem to be providing confidence for tenants.

  5. Hey Sonny, one of the tallest buildings in the world is in Malaysia. Those damned Malaysians — so arrogant! No wonder everyone in the world hates Malaysia.

  6. Personally, im a fan of neccesity and price.

    And these Building design proposals arent looking like there taking either into to much consideration. While yes both will be a factor in the end, but it should be the factors. It seems so far and in other projects, not just this one, looks are becoming the over riding factor in design projects (bridges, buildings, etc.).

  7. For once I like a Meier concept, though the cluster lacks hierarchy. I can’t tell what it would feel like at ground. I’m undecided.

    Foster’s is dynamic. I love it. What it will be on the ground, though, can’t be read. I hope it fulfills the promise the form offers from a distance. Wow.

    SOM’s lacks interest; 9 towers at 80 stories? Why not two at 120 plus seven? I’d need more to go on.

    Thinks’ stinks. Hollow steel decorations? Vacuity writ large. (Deserves a Maya Lin inspired self-pitying twisted-metal ash garden below.)

    United Architect’s design does not read in the photo. I can’t say.

    Libeskind slashes again. (Bad schtick, Daniel. Figure ground sucks, too, lacking focus or orientation. Get over your crush on Zaha Hadid, OK? Start over.)

    Littenberg is offering us Rock Center South. It’s a good design, and will probably feel great at ground level. Yet, it smacks of retro, not optimism. Still, gives Foster a run for the money.

    Sir Norman has it until more drawings surface. Thanks for the BBC link, Ronald!

  8. Steve & Robert, Wake up. This country allows for freedom of opinion. Freedom to speak that opinion is also a right guaranteed in the Constitution of The United States of America. Notice that’s not the Constitution of America, but of the United States of….

    My reply made two points the second of which I already addressed here. The first was the fact that our foreign policy has not changed at all in the face of a huge wake up call to all of our people. You think other countries look at our reactive response to the WTC attacks and think we are any better than the terrorists who allegedly committed the acts? Countries are choosing sides in an alliance against our policy of pre-emptive aggression, Russia, India & China will kick our ass, or destroy the planet trying, and I doubt you will do anything but continue to vote for the good ol’ boys whose policies threaten the continuation of our species on the planet Earth. Wake up steve-o we are one animal and it’s a small world. what the fuck good will moving do if we have a nuclear war?

    I’m not afraid. I’m facing the issues at hand. You two seem to be blindly marching and singing to the hymns of patriotisms death rattle.

    click on my name and e-mail me if you would like to have a debate on the issue. who knows maybe one of us will come away with a new perspective, I’m not above changing are you?

  9. Britain, BTW, properly refers to Brittany in France as well as the Isles. Hmmm. That makes Britons who refer to Jolly Olde England as “Britain” a bunch of flag waving jingoistic morons, right?

    Methinks something’s afoot with your reasoning, Sonny.

    Canadians refuse, outright, to think of themselves as “Americans.” Likewise every Argentinean I’ve met. Similarly, The citizens of the United States of Mexico refer to themselves as – can you believe their collective ignorance – Mexican. Some even refer to themselves, simultaneously, as Americans, depending upon the context. Brazilians also refer to themselves as Americans, in a geographical context vs. European or African or Asian. It’s not the simplistic picture you paint, Sonny.

    If you wish to propose a new common usage for the term, and enlighten we masses, fine, but this is America. It’s going to be a tough sell.

  10. ok… ok… fine you got it. it was just a wild hair. I do think if you find yourself in trouble in another country you will be claiming yourself as a U.S. citizen, not an American but whatever makes you all happy is fine with me.

    My point was the fact that such a drastic event as the WTC attacks have not caused our government to re-think foreign policy. I guess no one has an informed opinion on that topic. Our foreign policy matters much more to me than what you choose to be called anyway. I think it is high time that we “resist not evil”, that is to say do not fight fire with fire.

    A war on terrorism is as promising as a war on drugs. There is no end to this madness.

  11. “our foreign policy has not changed at all”

    Sonny, you are beginning to give the impression of someone who may not be paying much attention to the world.

    Back to the buildings… I generally agree with Ranald, but I find myself partial to the Littenberg. I don’t know… it feels very NYC, very Manhattan. Maybe because it *is* retro.

  12. I have to agree with sonny, our foreign policy is mostly about sticking our nose where it doesnt belong. And its pissing a lot of ppl off. Now sure the actions those ppl took were wrong and unforgivable. But our foreign policy is also wrong. And the actions those ppl took can be avoided in the future by changing our foreign policy. Now sure we should still go after the assholes behind september 11th. But there actions dont change the fact that our foreign policy is wrong.

  13. Good luck finding commercial tenants willing to lease floors or employees willing to work there.

  14. …a fitting memorial and great new targets in a country still idiotically pressing ahead with an intolerable foreign policy which causes other nations to hate us and view us all as an enemy.

    I guess the good ol’ boys won’t be happy until the entire world hates U.S. Citizens (or as Bush would say ‘Americans’).

    by the way: whats with the use of the term America to mean the U.S.A.? have we forgotten our geography lessons? America is two continents. We are just a nation of ‘independant states’ who inhabit one of two. Could someone inform our underachieving President please?

  15. A couple thousand deaths is really nothing compared to the other attrocities throughout history.

    Historically, the US has practiced doctrine total war, so it would be out of character for us to give up and admite that a bunch of ignorant, semi-educated, medieval peasants are right and we’re wrong.

  16. EMAIL:
    DATE: 01/20/2004 07:46:24
    Newness is relative.

  17. EMAIL:
    DATE: 05/20/2004 10:13:54
    Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.

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