Troubled Utopia


"I was naive," says Bryan Pollard, one of the founders of an experimental tent community for the homeless in Portland, Oregon. "I mean, people who are housed and have reasonably stable lives are not able to live in a healthy communal way–so how dare we expect society's most traumatized, most abused and most injured to do it?" Fascinating story, with human nature playing its familiar reoccuring role.

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  1. Great story…the note at the end about Mubarak suspending elections so that the vanguard of the homeless, i mean the current leadership, could keep the project ‘on track’ is poignant and all too familiar.
    By the way, the quote you used was spoken not by Mubarak, but by Bryan Pollard. Mubarak’s naivete, or, for the cynical, his desire to rule, remains.

  2. First comes the “RIGHT TO WORK” and shortly there after comes the “RIGHT TO NOT WORK”. Pretty creative if you ask me…

  3. Marc, thanks for the comments–I made that correction.

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