Baghdad's Take on Sean Penn


Everyone's favorite stoned surfer dude gets the high sign from Iraq Daily, which notes:

"He confirmed that Iraq is completely clear of weapons of mass destruction and the United Nations must adopt a positive stance towards Iraq.

He also condemned the US misleading claims arguing that it is the US and not Iraq who is practicing such illegal behavior.

Mr. Penn went on saying that he would convey to the public opinion in US the real situation that the Americans should force the US administration to stop such aggressive campaign."

Btw, the home page of Iraq Daily has to be experienced to be believed.

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  1. “Bagdad Sean” may become our generation’s “Hanoi Jane”

  2. What a relief! I had some concern about quantities of WMD hidden about and around palaces and industrial sites thruout Iraq, but after seeing our Hollywood’s Mr Penn on tv – I am now greatly comforted with his assurance that such is not the case.

    How splendid of him to perform this great, patriotic service on behalf of his fellow citizens.

    A fitting display of gratitude would be for president Clinton to award Mr Penn a medal.


  3. I’ll sleep so much better at night now that I know Iraq has no WMD. I’m very impressed with Penn’s ability to accomplish in 36 hours what hundreds of UN inspectors plan to spend months working on.

    Can he spend a day or two in North Korea on his way home?

  4. A medal? He should have him arrested and tried as a traitor just as should have happened to hanoi Jane. Can’t you see that Sean was just an illiterate pawn in the hands of masters? He performed no public service and to say it’s a patriotic service is purely laughable.

    Viet Nam 1968-70

  5. If we went to Iraq to liberate the people from Saddam Hussein, why would Sean Penn be a traitor for visiting those same about-to-be-liberated people before we went? The people who express anger at Sean Penn and compare him to Jane Fonda reveal their own sub-conscious anti-Semitism against the Iraqi people. (Yes, I said anti-Semitism. Look it up in a dictionary). The Iraqis aren’t the enemy, are they? Isn’t it big bad guy Hussein? Fonda visited the NORTH Vietnamese Army and some Viet Cong, by the way, our chosen enemies. Penn did not visit Hussein or his troops.

  6. By the way, the national debt is now $8,000,000,000,000 and of course rapidly rising. Our government is spending money faster than at any other time in history while simultaneously cutting taxes. We are now borrowing vast sums of money from China, among other countries, to pay for the war. I hope we get something out of this, because having our grandkids deeply in debt to Communist China is worse than losing in Vietnam. What is in it for us? Didn’t we have Hussein under our thumbs for 12 years, and is an Islamic government preferable to that?

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