To Halo in a Handbasket


Mike, someone at NBC oughta at least look at that "chillingly realistic simulation" in Halo before they declare it responsible for sniper attacks.

Suffice it to say the realism of the game is summed up in "Warthog Jump: A Halo Physics Experiment" in which big trucks and soldiers are blasted over mountains with a few well-placed shots.

Or were the snipers expecting that to happen too?


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  1. Not to mention the time-honored Quake tactic of “grenade jumping”, which involves throwing a grenade onto the ground, then jumping onto it in such a way that the blast propels you higher than you could jump without the aid of a grenade, therefore allowing access to hard-to-reach areas, vantage points, etc. More significantly, it’s great for escaping tough situations when an enemy has the drop on you.

    I bet Muhammad and Malvo learned to do this to perfection, which is why they took so long to catch.

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