Penn Goes to Iraq


It will be interesting to see what, if anything, Sean Penn has to say when he gets back from Baghdad. Any bets? (UPDATE: Earlier, I neglected to post the link that won Penn his weekend getaway. Here tis. The letter originally ran in early November as a $56K ad in the Washington Post.)

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  1. Did he have anything interesting to say before he went to Iraq?

    Why would that change?

  2. The standard Hollywood thing is to berate Americans for being so self-centered and unwilling to help these poor, down-trodden people in poor foreign nations. Then probably deliver some sort of anti-war message. And then jump into the back of the limousine and pour a nice glass of Dom Perignon.

  3. For some reason, I always have a hard time convincing people that Americans help the poor by consuming as many goods as possible, rather than by giving them aid.

  4. And I was just beginning to think Madonna was the nutcase and Sean was the sane one in that relationship. Apparently I’ve been wrong all the way around.

  5. I’m having trouble thinking of a reason I should care what Sean Penn thinks about this issue. Or any other issue for that matter.

  6. Andrew, America does both. But, I think consumption of others’ goods is better for them in the long run.

    Also, looks like he isn’t that different, in real life, from his character in I Am Sam.

  7. Hey look, there’s really no good reason to knock Sean Penn. He has a list of good friends, like the good doctor, Hunter S. Thompson, himself. We need more crazy celebs to head over to Iraq and investigate what the hell is going on over there. Anyone who gets a free pass into that wicked country is fine in my books. He’ll probably get more access than AP reporters. And so long as he comes back with a good story and a small amount of insight, then all is okay, right?

  8. More newsworthy to me than the politically-engaged well-read, and yes, lefty, Penn going to Iraq is the nasty, mocking tone of the press coverage of this, from wire reports to wire photos on up. “Chris Penn’s brother”, “Madonna’s ex-husband”, the obligatory sneering mention of his dislike of Hollywood. How about some background? How about the many articulate (and yes, lefty) things he’s had to say over the years? How about his longtime pet idea of making a Phil Ochs biopic because the guy’s songs used to make him cry? And what about how he’s one of the actors most respected by other great actors? Nope, it’s much easier to chop what he says into inane soundbites and run a weird photo of him climbing a mound of dirt near a parking lot.

  9. I think this is ridiculous. He is simply going over there to help the enemy. Until Sean Penn himself puts on a uniform and fights for the U.S.A he can not say anything about war.

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