To be Young, Free, and Gay-ish


From The New York Observer comes evidence that your most cranky fears are true: kids today are having way too much fun, at least on the hipster edge in NYC. Dabbling in sapphic love is a great way for teen girls to attract boys.

Sophie and Anna (their names have been changed) arrived at their friend?s brownstone and joined everyone in the den, sitting down on either side of a guy Anna had a crush on.

"We were kissing each other across him, and then we both started kissing him," said Sophie.

"We were being quite outward about it," said Anna. "It was kind of obnoxious. But there's this thing about enjoying it—and doing it for attention. And it was both."

And then they had smores and a pillow fight. Sure, if it helps.

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  1. Damn. To be eighteen again.

  2. Nah, I’m holding out for when the girls start in with the mind control. Now that’ll be something.

  3. Fool! They control our minds already! We sleep while they live… oh, sorry, got carried away there for a minute… =)

  4. Cute article… although I do wonder what it says about our society that girls kissing in public is sexy, but boys kissing in public is sick.

    Personaly though, I wonder where those two girls making out were when I was in HS.

  5. I doubt “sapphic” will be on the SAT.

  6. Two guys kissing in public might not be “sick” for much longer. My girlfriend thinks guys making out is cute, and I’m pretty indifferent to the whole thing myself.

  7. Guys kissing in public is quite common here in NYC. Of course, chicks kissing will always remain MUCH more acceptable in our heterosexual-male-dominated world (and I am not saying that to be PC or anything [I hate PC] – it’s just the way things are).

  8. I love seeing two guys kiss and make out. It does not matter, if gays or lesbians kiss in public. We are who we are and should not be ashamed of it. People who say that it’s sick are just ignorant and homophobic.

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