They Love Us in Uzbekistan


Writing in the British Webzine Spiked, Josie Appleton notes that according to a recent international survey of attitudes toward America, Uzbekistan came out as the U.S.'s "most loyal ally," with 85 percent of the folks there giving us the thumbs up. Overall, though, the numbers are down from a year ago, prompting Appleton to conclude:

Across the world, many people still seem to admire US achievements. Many praise America's technological and scientific advances - more than 80 percent in parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America. People also express a liking of American popular culture - 76 percent in Britain, 65 percent in Lebanon and 66 percent in Germany.

Yet when these influences are given a vaguely ideological bent, in the question about the spread of 'American ideas and customs', attraction turns to repulsion - only 39 percent in the UK, 28 percent in Germany and 26 percent in Lebanon say that this is a 'good' thing. The ideals and habits associated with America, the pinnacle of modern capitalism, are failing to win the hearts and minds of the world elsewhere.

What these results suggest is that while America has won the battle for economic and military dominance - it remains unrivalled both in terms of GDP and military capability - it is losing the cultural struggle. No wonder self-image has become one of its major millennial concerns.

The full survey, conducted by the Pew Research Center For the People and the Press, is online here.