Muslims for Jesus (PBUH)


CAIR protests the WWE's Joking Jesus tv commercial:

[T]he ad, currently airing on the TV Guide Channel, shows a blond man dressed in white and illuminated by a shaft of light discussing the upcoming World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) "Armageddon" pay-per-view event with a devil-like figure. The "devil" says, "We've been hyping this [Armageddon] for two millennia." At the end of the commercial, he asks the "Jesus" figure, "Do you want to go double or nothing on the Saints?"

"This kind of tasteless and insensitive portrayal of Jesus, peace be upon him, is an insult to the deeply-felt beliefs of Muslim and Christian Americans. We ask that TV Guide Channel and the WWE withdraw the commercial and apologize to viewers," said CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad. Awad added that Muslims revere Jesus as a prophet of God and called on Christian leaders to join in his defense.

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  1. This person takes themself to seriously.

  2. Gee, I just thought it was an angel and a demon, not The Devil and Jesus.

  3. I though it was funny as hell.

    Some ppl are just born with sticks up there butt, ive just gotten to the point where i ignore them.

  4. For once, I agree with CAIR. The increasing use of Jesus to advance commercial and political interests is offensive to many people. It is thus completely inappropriate. These ad people should pray to Jesus for some creativity. I wonder if they would use Martin Luther King in so crass a fashion.

  5. It’s some nice PR for Moslems, defending Jesus while certain Christian figures bad-mouth Islam. The nice thing is that Moslems really do revere Jesus, so there’s no hipocracy.

  6. Now some Christian group needs to put out a press release denouncing CAIR for referring to Jesus as a “prophet” of Islam, indicating the offense of all Christians at having Jesus co-opted by another religion, calling on CAIR to withdraw *their* press release and issue an apology, etc.


    (And yes, I do have too much time on my hands today.)

  7. “I wonder if they would use Martin Luther King in so crass a fashion”

    It’s been done already. Did everyone already forget about this?

    “The nice thing is that Moslems really do revere Jesus, so there’s no hipocracy.”

    Well, there’s the fact that Egyptian state-run television broadcast a program during Ramadan based on the infamous anti-Semitic forgery “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” CAIR didn’t get too upset about that. I guess it’s OK for Arabs and Muslims to insult other religions.

  8. Jesus is the Son Of God. He can take care of himself.

  9. Dear Christian and Muslim fundamentalists and religious demagogues,

    We are followers of the most important spiritual
    figure in the world today Her Holiness Shri Mataji
    Nirmala Devi and practisers of a spiritual discipline called Sahaja Yoga, which is Her gift to mankind.

    We challenge you to disprove Her and our claim of the commencement of the Resurrection Times and of Herself being the Promised Comforter of Jesus Christ as well as the Saviour of Ages of Prophet Mohammed, the full evidence of which is provided at these two websites:

    We also invite you to an open debate on these issues at:

    If you want to have more info before accepting this challenge, openly presented to all religious institutions of the world, you may contact me.

    With outmost respect and kindest regards,



    I do call to witness the Resurrection Day;
    And I do call to witness the self-reproaching Spirit.

  10. Thanks for sharing. I couldn’t be more pleased. Its always nice to see fellow followers stating up for what they believe is right.

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