Lott speaks again


Fox News Channel just aired Sean Hannity's radio interview with Trent Lott. After a strong apology, he said his statement praising Strom Thurmond's presidential candidacy was "an error of the head not the heart"—and he credited Jesse Jackson for having once used that phrase.

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  1. Incidentally, Fox News is reporting that Tom Daschle has issued his third statement in three days; he’s backpedaling so fast he should watch and make sure he doesn’t trip…

  2. If he’s backpedalling, why is he still moving FORWARD?

    The Republicans must expel this creep who has repeatedly winked to like-minded knuckle-draggers. If they don’t, they imply that accusations against Republicans of being closet racists are really true.

    Others have argued convincingly that Lott’s words, past and recent, show that he believes in Jim Crow and all that it means.

    Given this, other Republicans have a duty to violently denounce Lott. If they don’t, the politically niave (and the politically astute) may reasonably conclude that segregationist view don’t displease them at all.

    Is a racist, a segregationist, only a racist and segregationist when he’s giving speeches to fellow travelers? Or do these view influence who he chooses as friends, who he chooses as associates and advisors, what legislation he sponsors, what changes he negotiates?

    Perhaps Lott puts aside his racism when he’s writing legislation, of of a sense of duty to…to something. Let’s hope so, with all the legislation he’s had a hand in. But — perhaps he doesn’t. Perhaps he’s too great a risk to be a majority leader, let alone a senator.

  3. I’m a registered Republican and firmly believe we need to kick this fool from our leadership with all haste.

  4. Like it or not, the Republican Party is the most important civil rights organization in the world right now. The leadership needs to be up to the task.

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