Cardinal Law Death Watch


Formidably named supervillain resigns as chairman of Catholic U. Boilerplate denial: "Catholic officials noted in interviews yesterday that the cardinal signaled his intention to resign as chairman several months ago and that the move yesterday did not indicate that he planned to resign as leader of the archdiocese."

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  1. Sure Law isn’t planning to resign. He’s fixing to get fired. He has been summoned to the principal’s office, a public spanking is next.

    The guy is incredibly arrogant to have stuck it out this long.

  2. You’d think after a decade and a half of satanic panics, day care sex abuse hysteria, and fraudulent psychiatric diagnoses like multiple personality disorder, libertarians would be a bit more skeptical about mass (no pun intended) claims of child rape. One also can’t help but notice that miraculously restored memories of molestation seem to coincide with news of free flowing hush money.

  3. You have a good point, Angela, but the free flowing hush money is the issue here. When Law and Co. agreed to these payments (the discovery of which in January is what set off the current scandal, you may recall), it wasn’t out of any concern for due process for their priests. In fact, due process for the priests was the first thing they threw out in the now-rejected reform plan (which conveniently shifted responsibility away from the bishopric). The few molesters who have been indicted and/or convicted (Shanley, Geoghan, the guy who started it all in New Orleans in the ’80s) were not by any means subjected to the kind of legal abuses that happened in the McMartin case, the Little Rascals center case, etc. The only mass accusation against Law is that he’s a lying sack of shit whose only concern was, and is, preserving his own power and career.

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