Gambling on the Rez


The young Bob Dylan would be shocked. I myself am surprised: *Time* has a good overview on the corruption, cronyism, and greed that rule Indian casinos and their dealings with the state. Here's the key point: "Instead of regulating Indian gambling, the [1998 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act] has created chaos and a system tailor-made for abuse."

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  1. Hey, lay off my pal Chief Doug Smith.

  2. Yes! But does Time carry a picture of a clown vomiting in the street, as he suggested it should if it wanted to tell the capital-T “Truth.”

  3. Time likes picking on the Mashuntucket Pequot and their Foxwoods casino but it overlooks the effort they’re putting into legitimzing themselves. Just a mile fromt he casino is the Pequot Museum which has reconstructed their history, as well as Native American History in general. Not bad for a tribe which according to the Treaty of Hartford (following the Pequot War) was not allowed to ever return to its land or use its name again.

    Plus it’s fun watching all the senior citizens spending their children’s inhertance on slot machines.

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