News Flash: Derbyshire Ignores Gays For a Column…


National Review's John Derbyshire's gaydar must be in the repair shop, as he turns in a rare, non-homosexual-themed col. The alternative is not much prettier: What starts as a bit about Aldous Huxley quickly turns into a romance about William Sheldon, the crank psychologist who coined the terms endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph to describe the basic human body types. Writes the Derb:

[The] entirely plausible theories of William Sheldon are regarded as the lowest, most-disreputable, most-disgraceful kind of pseudoscience, in universities where gibberish flapdoodle like "queer studies," "postcolonial feminist theory," "critical race theory," and "literary deconstruction" are taken with the utmost po-faced seriousness.

Oddly, Derbyshire doesn't spell out much of those "entirely plausible theories," such as that mesomorphs (well-muscled types) were especially prone to crime.

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  1. “Oddly, Derbyshire doesn’t spell out much of those “entirely plausible theories,” such as that mesomorphs (well-muscled types) were especially prone to crime.”

    Great point, Nick! Obviously, Derbyshire is absolutely wrong about muscular men being more likely to engage in crime. As everybody knows, skinny and fat guys are absolutely just as likely to be violent criminals as muscular guys. I see it all the time: petite fellows are always picking fights with big bruisers and fat dudes are constantly grabbing ladies purses and waddling off down the street!

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