She's Still Waiting For Under the Rainbow 2


Slate's Virginia Heffernan emerges as Chevy Chase's last defender in a review that drains all the fun from the Friars Club Roast of everyone's least favorite comedian:

I began to wonder if there were any way, in light of the fact that so many people now openly revile him, to admire Chevy Chase again?if for no other reason than that someone ought to.

The short answer is a good old American "NO!" in thunder. The long answer can be found here at the Internet Movie Database's Chase filmography. Chase, who has alienated virtually everyone he has ever met (even in passing) can take refuge in his wealth and his prescription drugs. The rest of us, to paraphrase Comedy Central's Steven Colbert at the roast, can take comfort in the simple truth that "He's Chevy Chase and we're not."