John DiIulio, Superstar


The implosion of former faith-based initiative director John DiIulio continues, and FOXDRUDGE are all over it.

Obviously under intense pressure from former friends in the Bush Administration, DiIulio first tried to declare bullshit on Ron Suskind's Esquire story. Suskind has ably defended his own reporting, and thrown the veracity question back on DiIulio, from whom the bulk of the article's offending passages seems to have come. Drudge is now running a copy of DiIulio's October 24 letter to Suskind, which pretty much settles the factual matter, and as a result DiIulio has now been reduced to eating his own words, saying he misspoke, regretting his on-the-record characterizations, and generally abasing himself before Team Bush.

Coming soon: DiIulio apologizes for saying the Prophet Mohammed would have chosen Barb or Jenna Bush as one of his wives.