Thirty Years Ago in Reason


" A number of ['new country'] efforts have been initiated to establish communities, resorts, or freeports free of the restrictions imposed by traditional, established governments."

— John L. Snare, "The Nation Builders' Struggle"

"On 19 January 1972, a claim was established on two small coral atolls in the South Pacific….Simple structures were erected, and the 'Republic of Minerva' was proclaimed."

— John L. Snare, "The Nation Builders' Struggle"

"Several months after we claimed Minerva, the King of Tonga went there with a group of prisoners. They built something there, too, and left thereafter. We…didn't have anyone at the Reef at that instant. But I think the Tonga problem can be resolved."

— Mike Oliver, "Designing a Free Country"

"I believe oceanic settlers will be the scientific and technological leaders of the world a few years hence. The environment demands excellence. Oceanic settlers will lead in robotics for the simple reason that exploitation of oceanic resources is a perfect area for the development and utilization of robots."

— Will Barkey, "Home Is the Ocean"