25 Years Ago


"One [Red Cross] official says, 'It's wrong to buy and sell blood like cabbages.' Maybe. Of course, there never seems to be any shortage of cabbages."

— Bill Birmingham, "Quickies"

"The hippie has the right to take marijuana, walk naked on the beach, and have his own sex without anybody interfering, hasn't he? Isn't that just what libertarianism is all about?"

— Moshe Kroy, "Marketing Libertarianism"

"Most [of us] would applaud the recent court ruling…that cars near the Mexican border may not be stopped and searched by police just because they contain people with Spanish faces."

— John Hospers, "Getting From Here to There"

"Block defends the right of deviant but nonaggressive individuals to engage in voluntary activities with no political restriction….When we see that his "heroes" also include counterfeiters, blackmailers, and male chauvinist pigs, however, we begin to suspect that something peculiar is going on."

— Sharon Presley, reviewing Walter Block's Defending the Undefendable