Sex Ed 101


"As far as I know, I'm the first man in America to be convicted of prostitution for having sex with my own wife," says 46-year-old Tom Wahl. "You should get the video we put out on this, by the way."

The video is not a courtroom drama. It's a sex demonstration with his wife, Suzi, 49, who was also convicted of prostitution.

The Wahls have been producing and distributing amateur adult videos through their mail-order company, Video Alternatives, for 14 years. Last year they decided to expand into the education business. "We put together a seminar," explains Tom. "It is a presentation of techniques couples can use to enhance and prolong their marriages."

For a fee, the hands-on educators treat locals to a live demonstration. Out-of-towners can purchase the video.

The Wahls had their first seminar-related skirmish with the law last year. A group of undercover St. Louis and St. Charles County cops posed as paying students. They stopped the show and told the Wahls they were under arrest.

Two weeks later, the teachers again found themselves in trouble, when a couple turned out to be a pair of St. Louis cops. "As soon as we got to the instruction and demo on oral techniques, we were again arrested," the Wahls explain on their Web site.

While the first case was slated for a bench trial on August 9, a St. Louis jury had already convicted the Wahls of prostitution on the second set of charges. They were each fined $300. "The prostitution statute is a little vague," explains Wahl. "But it can be read to say that anytime there is sex and money changed hands, it's a form of prostitution."

The Wahls are appealing their convictions, claiming that their seminars are constitutionally protected speech. Still, Tom Wahl doesn't seem too upset. "We knew the politicians and police would take an interest in it," he says. "We didn't invite them to the party, but now that they are here and they want to act as our partners in publicity, we are glad to have them."