Fist Principles


Porn producer/director Adam Glasser, known as Seymore Butts to fans of X-rated movies, has been charged with obscenity and pandering obscenity for selling the wrong version of his award-winning Tampa Tushy Fest. Los Angeles police officers raided Glasser's business in December and seized a version of the video that contains a scene where two female performers penetrate each other with their fists. According to Glasser, that particular cut was intended for the European market but was shipped accidentally to his American retailers. At the time of the mistake, Glasser told Adult Video News that he offered his customers the opportunity to exchange the Euro version for the tamer, all-American copy. Less than 10 percent took him up on the offer.

Glasser's trial begins on October 15. If convicted, he could face up to six months in the county jail and a $2,000 fine for showing two adults engaging in a consensual act—one that they both apparently enjoyed. In fact, one of the performers went on to write, produce, and direct a video called The Fist, The Whole Fist and Nothing But The Fist that its production company later pulled from the catalog due to a tepid response from nervous distributors.

Is Seymore Butts the only pornographer that Los Angeles is spending tax dollars to persecute? Nope. In May, the LAPD raided the home and offices of Jeff Steward, an executive at JM Productions. They seized copies of American Bukkake 11 and Liquid Gold 5. While Steward has not yet been charged with a crime, he's already gearing up for the inevitable court battle, telling Adult Video News, "I'm fighting this all the way. I'm not gonna plead out. I have done nothing wrong."