30 Years Ago in REASON


"President Nixon's executive order providing for stabilization of prices, rents, and wages is an act of supreme defiance against the free market and the freedom of Americans….Those who value freedom should recognize the totalitarian implications of Nixon's New Economic Program."

— Manuel S. Klausner, "The Wage-price Freeze:

Bold Action against Free Enterprise"

"While no sensible person expects the state to vanish overnight, let us not, like Zeno, be caught up in a never-ending succession of half-way measures. When faced, for example, with someone who advocates the death penalty for publishing something in a newspaper, are we to hail…someone who offers a 99-year prison sentence?"

— Michael Hoy, "Reynolds' 'Purge' Considered"

"For the first time in over a century, a significant amount of control over education will be in the hands of its consumers, rather than being the exclusive province of school boards and unions….Libertarians should begin planning now to exert a major influence several years hence in shaping post-demonstration voucher systems in a laissez-faire direction."

— Robert Poole, "Education Vouchers Questioned"

"Some private U.S. investments [in Argentina] were adventures of a piratical nature, backed by coercion and cheating….The American Government—especially in Central America—has not been a restrained power, the Big Stick being remembered you-may-imagine-how."

— N. Guillermo Molinelli, "News from Argentina"