"Because mind and body are intricately connected, psychoactive substances should be banned from chess tournaments as they are from basketball, weight lifting, and other events played singly or in teams." —Drug czar Barry McCaffrey, in the September issue of Chess Life. McCaffrey urged U.S. chess tourneys to follow Spain's lead and make participants submit to urine tests that would detect, among other things, "performance-enhancing steroids."

"There is another sort of violence that befell our misfortunate people—external violence spearheaded by power-wielders in Washington and Brussels. The forms of the external violence are the long-standing sanctions, last year's bombs, and support to Albanian terrorists in Kosovo. Whatever the source, violence is always violence, despite occasional attempts at presenting it as humane." Vojislav Kostunica, victor over Slobodan Milosevic in the Yugoslavian presidential race, at an April 14, 2000, Belgrade rally, quoted in the October 9 Progressive Review