25 Years Ago in REASON


"It is of course true that in Vietnam and Cambodia, one State has been immediately displaced by another–not surprisingly, since the Communist-led insurgents are scarcely anarchists or libertarians. But States exist everywhere; there is nothing remarkable in that. What is inspiring to libertarians is to see the final and swift disintegration of a State." —Murray N. Rothbard, "The Death of a State"

"Jerry Brown [is] more libertarian than the average politician, and much more so than any recent Governor of California. He is more fiscally conservative than many so-called conservative leaders, and yet is a good liberal on civil liberties questions." —Eric Garris, "California's Other Governor"

"One of the defining characteristics of this transition from 'political capitalism' to a more 'orthodox' fascist economic system involves the expanding role of the state in socializing private costs. Private profits are preserved and protected by an ever-expanding network of state privilege and subsidy designed to shift the cost burden from the individual corporation to the public at large." —Walter E. Grinder and Alan Fairgate, "The Reconstruction Finance Corporation Rides Again"