30 Years Ago in REASON


"A few nights ago, at a local outdoor rock concert, the strangest haze of smoke hung over the crowd. For anyone downwind who didn't happen to like the smell of pot, I guess that cloud would be pollution. To the freaks, it was pure ecstasy."

–Lanny Friedlander, "Ripping Off Mother Earth: The Theft of the Environment"

* "As Ralph Nader and other 'liberals' are painfully discovering, there seems to be a regular pattern in the history of [regulatory] agencies–they invariably come to represent and serve the special interests of the established companies in the industry supposedly being regulated."

–Robert Poole Jr., "Infinite Sink No More"

* "A political…philosopher ought to be able to tell a ruler how to accomplish any given purpose. Rulers, as it happens, have only one important characteristic in common: they want to keep the job. As it also happens, the most likely client for a political philosopher on the make is a ruler."

–Michael Etchison, "The Snow Turns Black in Moscow Too"