25 Years Ago in Reason


*"An April 15, 1973, tape showed that Mr. Nixon said former presidential aide Charles W. Colson was `up to his ass' in the scandal. The White House transcript, without disclosing the fact of any editing, quoted Mr. Nixon as saying Colson was `up to his navel.' Well, even if Mr. Nixon and his aides prefer not to admit it, we certainly believe Colson was up to something."–"Publisher's Notes"

*"Inflation will drive all the Western countries into a planned economy via price controls….People will find they can't live with constantly rising prices and will try to control it by price controls and that of course is the end of the market system and the end of the free political order."–"Economics, Politics & Freedom: An Interview with F.A. Hayek"

*"In 1972 the American left tried…to portray George McGovern as a latter-day Joan of Arc…What happened, instead, was that St. George turned out to be a political prostitute of the lowest rank, a tarnished street walker with an uncanny talent for selling his soul to the highest bidder in the grand old tradition of smoke-filled rooms and clubhouse deals." –Jerome Tuccille, "The Failure of the New Deal Coalition"