25 Years Ago in REASON


"I start…from a belief in individual freedom, and that derives fundamentally from a belief in the limitations of our knowledge–from a belief in the idea that nobody can be sure that what he believes is right, is really right."

"The case for free enterprise, for competition, is that it's the only system that will keep the capitalists from having too much power….The virtue of free enterprise capitalism is that it sets one businessman against another, and it's a most effective device for control."

—"An Interview with Milton Friedman"

"It is well to remember that there is no such thing as a free statistic."

—Ronald H. Coase, "Economists and Public Policy"

"[Gandi's] philosophy was an odd mixture of libertarian and socialistic views. On one hand he concurred with Thomas Jefferson in pronouncing that the best government was one that governed least. On the other hand he hoped for a classless society which would grant a doctor and a street-sweeper equal remuneration."

—Prakash Aswani, "Indian Politics"