25 Years Ago in Reason


"Victims of rape will no longer be subjected to detailed questioning on their prior sexual history, according to a bill signed into law by California Gov. Ronald Reagan…. The new law recognizes that women, like men, are entitled to a sex life, and that exercising this right should not make them fair game for rapists."

The Editors, "Milestones"

"Unlike T.S. Eliot, I've never been choked up about the cruelty of mingling dull roots with spring rain. But I have and still do grievously suffer every April as stirring memories of my gross income before withholding surge in my manly bosom, while passionate desires of joining a taxpayers' revolt ascend to a frustrated climax."

Eugene Guccione, "April Gamesmanship"

"Since schools are operated as miniature dictatorships in which the school authorities give out the orders and the victims, the students, must unquestioningly follow those orders…there is no question whatsoever that legal rights are totally lacking in these institutions, just as they are also and always lacking in non-scholastic dictatorships."

Thomas Johnson, "The Blackboard Prison"