25 years ago in Reason


*"What do you mean that people would `abuse' drugs? How? By giving themselves pleasure? Should that be forbidden?"

—"Straight Talk From Thomas Szasz: A Reason Interview"

"Although the issue has been the subject of heated controversy, we can see no reason why a criminal should not be prosecuted simply because he has resided in the White House for several years."

—"Reflections on Criminal Punishment and Disbarment in the Aftermath of Watergate," by Manuel S. Klausner

*"It will be instructive for all of us to keep close tabs on Greenspan in high office, particularly to see (a) if his public statements and official reports will be any better than those of Stein, Shultz and the rest, and (b) if he has any appreciable free market effect on government policy. My guess is a firm No to both questions."

—"The Greenspan Nomination," by Murray N. Rothbard