"We do not want to forget Mengele's crimes, but we should also not forget that Dachau prisoners were forced to produce organic honey and that the SS cornered the European market for mineral water."

-Historian Robert N. Proctor, author of The Nazi War on Cancer, in the May/June Lingua Franca. The magazine praises Proctor for documenting how "the Third Reich promoted a series of public-health measures that might well be called forward-looking: banning smoking in certain public places, running an aggressive antismoking propaganda campaign, and placing restrictions on how tobacco could be advertised."

"Our blood is not as ready as our mouth. Such self-awareness, while humbling…can serve to inhibit those acts of programmatic compassion that all too few of us ever feel to the quick."

-Norman Mailer, in a widely reprinted May oped piece on U.S. involvement in the Balkans