? The Supreme Court let stand a judgment against Abe Pollin, owner of Washington, D.C.'s NBA Wizards, NHL Capitals, and the MCI Centre in which the teams play. Pollin had been sued by a group of handicapped people who argued that the Americans with Disabilities Act not only required Pollin to provide wheelchair spaces in the arena, it also mandated that people occupying those spaces have a clear line of sight even if the people in front of them stood up. Pollin argued that such a mandate would require him to leave 368 seats permanently unsold to prevent the possibility that someone might stand up and block the view of a wheelchair user. The justices apparently thought that didn't matter.

? Speaking of intellectual firepower, Sylvester Stallone recently showed that he's shooting blanks. The star of those paeans to pacifism Rambo and Cobra said that gun ownership in America is "going to lead to, I think, urban warfare." The alleged actor then said authorities might have to go door to door confiscating weapons.

? One grade school in Mishawaka, Indiana, has a strict no tolerance rule–on puppy love. Elm Road School has banned hand holding, note passing, chasing members of the opposite sex during recess, and any talk of affection. The rule should help boys and girls learn to treat each other with respect, courtesy, and a certain icy distance.

? Graham Knowland paid his 1996 taxes. He has the canceled check to prove it. The IRS doesn't dispute that fact, but it has tagged him as a tax evader and wants to force him to pay the taxes again. Here's what happened. Knowland sent his return in with a check. The IRS cashed the check. Knowland's bank transferred funds to the IRS's bank. Then either that bank didn't put the funds in the IRS account, or the IRS didn't credit it. Either way, they're holding Knowland responsible. So it's pay up again, or pay the penalty.

? David Ripley is an anti-abortion activist who has raised thousands of dollars for his cause. Apparently, that has left him too busy to attend to other matters, such as paying court-ordered child support for his 9-year-old daughter. Ripley says he's not delinquent, but court records in Idaho show that he hasn't paid for nearly three years.

? In Florida, a Coast Guard commander has made Hooters restaurants off limits for officers in uniform. J.D. Arndt says that the restaurants aren't in line with the Coast Guard's values. I guess the sailors will have to find entertainment in more traditional haunts, such as nudie bars and honky tonks.

? Finally, the state of Tennessee has apologized for putting the Rivergate Church of Christ and the Grace Community Church on a list of street gangs. The state blamed faulty information from local police.