"The entrepreneurial vision has taken our country a long way, but it's done so on the back of a lot of people who've gotten stiffed in the end. So at some point–and we may be reaching that point–that vision may have run its course….[I]s the new economy going to produce enough jobs for the people who need work out there?"

—Rock star Bruce Springsteen in the May 28 Rolling Stone. The official unemployment rate at that time was 4.3 percent, a 28-year low.

"It's too bad [Yale researcher and fat-tax advocate Kelly] Brownell isn't more popular. If you accept that America is entering a Puritan phase, then regulating fat can actually be a less intrusive policy than regulating tobacco."

New Republic Assistant Editor Hanna Rosin, in a May 18 story favoring a tax on fatty foods

"We're prepared to fill the store with violence and horror to make it legal."

—Richard Kunis, owner of Manhattan Video, in a June 4 New York Times article, explaining how he intends to comply with the city's new restrictions on "sex shops"