"I would kill the clone. That would be my first response."

—Elizabeth Perkins, star of the NBC movie Cloned, on how she'd react if she encountered an unexpected identical twin, quoted in TV Guide, September 27, 1997

"The wonderfully complex and unique design that makes each of us human should be treated with profound awe and respect, not subject to experiments by scientists–mad or otherwise….Creating multiple copies of God's unique handiwork devalues human dignity and turns children into mere products of adult whims."

—House Majority Leader Dick Armey, at a January 29 press conference announcing his support of a permanent ban on human cloning

"There's an impulse to prohibit, prohibit, prohibit. We don't even know what we're prohibiting yet."

—Dartmouth College bioethicist Ronald M. Green, on the hysterical reaction to news that a British scientist had created a headless frog embryo