"The new cards should help restore confidence in the Social Security system."

—Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-N.Y.), on proposals to force every American to pay as much as $38 to obtain a new, "tamper-resistant" Social Security card.

Mary Tillotson interviewing Ann Moore, president of People magazine, on CNN & Company two days after the death of Princess Diana:

Tillotson: How will [Princess Diana] long-term be remembered, do you think?

Moore: I think long-term, she'll be remembered as one of the bigger risk takers of our time….And part of her appeal was not that she showed us being a fairy princess wasn't all that it [was] cracked up to be, but we admired the fact that she was way out there on the edge.

Tillotson: And a survivor.

Moore: She was a survivor, and we love that.

"Farm Aid founder Willie Nelson explained that technically the concert hadn't been canceled, it's just that the musicians are participating in a new government incentive program that pays them 'not to play.'"

—Craig Kilborn on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, September 23