"Very widespread in modern society is the search for 'fulfillment.'…[Yet] for the majority of people whose main goal is fulfillment, [technology] does not bring completely satisfactory fulfillment."

"Industrial civilization's great engines of distraction still seduce us with a promise of fulfillment. Our new power to work our will upon the world can bring with it a sudden rush of exhilaration….But that exhilaration is fleeting. It is not true fulfillment."

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"Over the past 10 years, the U.S. agencies involved in counternarcotics efforts have attempted to reduce the supply and availability of illegal drugs in the United States through the implementation of the U.S. international drug control strategy. Although they have achieved some successes, the flow of cocaine, heroin, and other illegal drugs into the United States continues, and the availability of drugs and the cultivation of drug crops have not been reduced. In fact, between 1988 and 1995, illegal drug cultivation and drug-related activities have increased through South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and other countries."

—From the General Accounting Office report Drug Control: Long-Standing Problems Hinder U.S. International Efforts (February 1997, GAO-NSIAD-97-75). Copies of the full study are available at the GAO Web site ( or by calling 202-512-6000.