"It is somewhat ironic that the government discourages smoking and drinking through taxation, yet when it comes to the major cause of death –heart disease–and its spiraling health-care costs, politicians let us eat with impunity….[W]e should have a progressive tax on the saturated-fat content of food….[W]e believe it is time to rethink the extent to which we allow people to impose their negative behavior on those of us who watch our weight, exercise, and try to be as healthy as possible."

—Jack A. Chambless, a professor of economics at Valencia Community College, and Sarah C. McAlister, an economics major at the University of Central Florida, in the Orlando Sentinel, December 22, 1996

"Our vision is that the U.S. and China, as friends and partners, will share a prosperous and peaceful future of free minds and free markets."

—Al Gore at Qinghua University, March 26, 1997

"TIME should be America's common ground. …Our ideals must reflect the shared values in the hearts of most Americans. To my mind, these principles are simple yet profound: try to figure out what's best for our kids; clean up after ourselves; have faith in the power that comes from free markets and free minds…."

—Walter Isaacson, managing editor of Time, in his first "To Our Readers" column, January 15, 1996