Who'll Play Roark?


Almost 50 years after the novel was published and more than 40 years after it was first adapted into a movie, Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead may be set to return to the silver screen. Veteran producer James Hill will be soliciting funding from various studios later this year after he finishes his original screenplay.

Hill has already signed 30-year-old Phil Joanou to direct the film. Joanou's previous work includes the features Final Analysis and State of Grace and the documentary Rattle & Hum about the Irish rock band U2.

Joanou, who had previously tried to option the novel himself, told The Hollywood Reporter, "The Fountainhead has been one of my favorite books since reading it in high school."

No casting for the film has been set, but Hill admitted that he wants Jack Nicholson to play newspaper magnate Gail Wynand. Of course, every producer wants Nicholson for his project.