By The Way…


– Anyone who has ever had'"or been'"a teenager knows how rough adolescence is. What's true for kids is true for magazines. That REASON survived and flourished is a credit to Marty Zupan, who joined the staff when the magazine was 10 years old and became its editor-in-chief in 1984. Now that REASON has reached adulthood'"it turned 21 in May'"Marty has moved on to other things. This issue marks her last as editor. We wish her all the best in her new post, as a vice president at the Institute for Humane Studies. And, now that she has had her trial run at raising a teenager, she'll soon get a chance to do it for real. Her daughter, Kate, who grew up with the magazine, turned 10 in February.

– The Electric Kool-Aid Urine Test? The Navy imposed an aggressive drug-testing program not long ago to keep marijuana-crazed personnel away from the big guns. Drug dealers in port cities now report they're selling a lot more hallucinogenics such as LSD to sailors, since these drugs metabolize quickly and don't get noticed by the tests. Think about an 18-year-old Timothy Leary aiming a 16-inch gun at San Francisco.

– Letter-of-the-month claims that Hitler had the A-bomb long before WW II but agreed not to use it. He cut a deal that allowed him to move to the United States. A "stooge" died in the bunker. That, we guess, explains why Curly does not appear with Moe and Larry in the later episodes.

– REASON goes on a month's hiatus after this issue.