In Celebration of REASON


This is a truly eclectic gathering, the likes of which the Beverly Hilton may never see again." So said Senior Editor Manuel Klausner at REASON's 15th-anniversary banquet, held in Beverly Hills on the evening of May 19. Illustrating the diversity of the banqueteers (225 or so in all) were the fete's featured speakers—a Republican congressman from Texas and a black economics professor from Virginia. Rep. Ron Paul spoke on the "desperate" need for new ideas in Washington. And Walter Williams, of George Mason University, challenged the "insidious and bankrupt" policy of income redistribution.

Ever animated and affable, John McCarty (a vice-president at Adolph Coors Co.) masterfully filled the role of master of ceremonies. In addition to speakers Paul and Williams, McCarty introduced a line-up of luminaries who offered their congratulations on REASON's 15th.

Of the evening's many jokes (at times the event seemed more a stand-up comedians' audition than a banquet) the award winner was one that Walter Williams said he first heard in Washington—Question: Why does California have herpes and Massachusetts have Kennedy? Answer: California had first choice.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening celebrating a magazine that we thoroughly enjoy bringing out each month.