An organizational meeting of the Kansas Libertarian Party was held on September 14, 1974, at the Ramada Inn in Topeka. Approximately 40 persons from throughout the state, as well as several observers from Missouri, attended the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was to organize a chartered Libertarian Party in Kansas. A petition was signed for presentation to the National Libertarian Party, requesting formal recognition by the National Executive Committee of the Party.

The primary function of the organization at this time will be as an educational and informational source, and to assist in promoting recognition in Kansas of the National Libertarian Party as well as the libertarian movement.

Dale Wilson and Joseph Bicking, Topeka, were elected Co-Chairmen. Jim Conklin, Overland Park, was named Finance Committeeman. Dolores Prellberg, Overland Park; James Ward, Garnett; Lin Zinser, Wichita; and Richard Dyer, Kansas City, Kansas, were appointed as Regional Coordinators for public relations, informational and educational objectives of the Kansas organization.

The next meeting will be in Topeka, November 17, 1974. New members and interested observers will be welcome at that meeting.

For further information, please call Dale Wilson at 357-6296.


Charles F. Barr, Jr., Chairman of Libertarian Alternative of Los Angeles, had his ballot argument opposing Proposition A (which will increase the sales tax in the Los Angeles County area) accepted by the County. The argument, reprinted below, has been printed in the voter information booklet that will be mailed to all 3,000,000+ voters in the Southern California Rapid Transit District—a rather cost-effect means of getting libertarian views out to a wide audience.

Proposition A is an attempt by the R.T.D. to extend its mass transit monopoly by socking it to the taxpayer once again.

The R.T.D. wants to add another cent to our already excessive sales tax, to increase the scope of its inefficient, bureaucratic, monopolistic transit system. At the same time, the R.T.D. is vigorously opposing any attempt to allow free competition in transportation services, even though private transportation systems would not cost the taxpayer one cent.

At the heart of the R.T.D.'s proposal is a rail line that will cost billions of dollars, yet will carry only 6 percent of the people in the district. How will this achieve "mass transit"? And why should the other 94 percent be forced to pay for it?

If we allow the R.T.D. to maintain and extend its monopoly, we will be helping to create a situation where a transit strike could cripple the metropolitan area. San Francisco's recent troubles can happen here—if we let it.

It's time to put a stop to the R.T.D.'s attitude that our tax money is theirs for the taking. This money rightfully belongs to the people who earn it, and they should have the right to spend it on whatever form of transportation they require.

Rather than being extended, the R.T.D.'s mass transit monopoly should be repealed; and competitive taxis, minibuses, jitneys and other vehicles should be allowed to operate in a free market to provide the transportation service we so desperately need.

Don't let the R.T.D. have another "free ride" at your expense. Vote "No" on Proposition A.


The Libertarian Party of Santa Barbara County and Santa Barbara Libertarian Alternative meet jointly on the third Thursday of every month at the home of REASON editors Lynn Kinsky and Robert Poole, 294 Via El Encantador, Santa Barbara, CA 93111. The next meeting will be held November 21st at 7:30 PM and all interested persons are invited to attend. For further information contact the LP-Santa Barbara at 805-964-4131

The Midwestern Libertarian Conference will be held December 7th in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The morning session will be devoted to the election of new officers of the Illinois Libertarian Party and a general business session; the afternoon session will consist of a conference featuring speakers Roger McBride, Karl Bray and Dr. Jaggard, among others. For further information contact Steve Nelson at 312-969-1088

The Society for Individual Liberty is sponsoring several Fifth Anniversary Conferences on November 16th at various places around the country. The East Coast Conference will be held at Rutgers University and will feature speakers Tibor Machan, Eric Mack, Louis Folino and A. Weintraub—for further information call 215-672-4133. The West Coast Conference will be held at the University of Southern California and will feature speakers Robert Cunningham, Milton Shapiro, Lynn Kinsky, and Manuel Klausner—for further information call 213-432-3868 or 213-482-3822. The Southern Conference will be held at Nova University in Ft. Lauderdale and will feature David Friedman, William Marina and Howard Maccabee. For further information call 305-587-0187. And last, but not least—the Southwestern Conference will be held at the Roadway Inn in Houston, TX and will feature Leonard Liggio, Ron Paul, Dick Bjornseth and Robert Bakhaus. For information call 713-477-5989.